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*Camera-ready copy requirements


  • Downloading files of 30 Mb at most

  • Acceptable file formats

The finished layouts and makeup are acceptable

in the following software packages

1.  Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf )

2.  Adobe InDesign (*.ind)

3.  Adobe Illustrator (*.ai, *.eps )

4.  Corel DRAW (*.cdr)

If a multi-page layout is made by Illustrators,

each page must be in a separate file.

! MS Word format files are not acceptable for the work.

  • Dimensions and refilling

The page size of the layout must exactly match the trim size of the item. In the sheet items and upon fastening the items with a clamp, the filling-in is to be 3 mm at least, and upon adhesive binding and die-cutting - 5 mm.

All important informative elements of the layout (text, graphics design, photography), if they are not cut as a design element should be located at a minimum distance of 3 mm from the cut line

  • Color

All the full-color images are to be performed in the CMYK color palette, black and white ones - in the Grayscale palette.

  • Technology requirements

Upon using the fragmentary varnish, embossing, stamping, please specify the technology requirements. The minimum line width and the font size of the 2-colored reverse print are the subject to negotiations with our printing technologist or the DPP employees.

The raster graphics resolution varies within the following range: 300 - 400 dpi (for the  fullcolor items); 225 - 300 dpi (for the non-fullcolor items).

  • Fonts

All fonts used in the publication must be submitted as vector graphics (converted to curves). To make up the large scope of the text, the fonts are be attached to the publication file. Avoid using fonts less than 6 pt with the reverse print on plates consisting of several colors. Bring only the fonts that you have used in the preparation of your publication. Publications made up in the Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Indesign package and etc. may be provided in the PDF / X-3 format. In this case, the problems with the fonts will be solved.

  • Other requirements and requests

Only Latin letters should be be used for the file name.

The order of pages in the file and in the final item must be the same.

Try to do the export of files between graphics packages as little as possible.

Upon importing images, place them in the same catalogue with the publication, or follow the Collect for output (Prepare for service bureau) command in your graphics program.


Thanks for your attention! We hope for fruitful and long term cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

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