Information security

They say that information rules the world. In our business, it is correct doubly. Quite often you trust us not only your secrets and plans, but also information relating to the activities of your customers. They trust you. We do everything to make you trust us, and would never regret it.

That is why the company has developed a system of special rules relating to working with customer information. You can be absolutely sure that any data relating both to your particular order, and the nuances of your business as a whole will not be subject to distribution.

You can be completely assured of ethical behavior of our managers who focus their efforts just on work with you.

The privacy policy pursued by the company ensures that all materials related to the customer's activities do not leave the walls of our center. Moreover, they are not and cannot be the subject of discussions of staff in off-work hours. Control over the strict observance of these rules has completely excluded all cases of leakage of information within the collective.