«Print Art+" Mmc Xerox The Document Centre Instant Printing Center offers professional graphic design services.

The benefits of corporation with our center:
• «PRINT ART» LLC Designer Services are relatively inexpensive; our prices are public, and you can assure yourself by sending us a request.
• All design work is carried out exactly on time - without delay and creative downtime;
in addition to printing design, you can directly order printing and finishing works. As a result, our customer ALWAYS gets the finished product!
Printing design, logo design, corporate identity
You can use the services of a designer upon creating different types of printing from scratch, as well as order completion, correction of the existing layout. In addition, our specialists are ready to develop your company's logo, a unique style that will allow your company to stand out in the market, and be an important part of its promotion.
Design of all kinds of printing products
In our company you can use the designer's services to develop or correct the design layout and further printing of business cards, to make booklets, menus, photo albums, calendars, to print large posters, to make stickers and labelsand other printing products at affordable price.
Prepress is a compulsive set of procedures covering each order for a printed product before sending it to production. In the printshops, where the concept of "quality of printing" is referred with the full responsibility, this stage is of special attention. As in most cases the cause of "unsuccessful circulations" is just the careless or insufficiently detailed  pre-pressing of the future product models.
We implement the full range of prepress of layouts for printing materials, ensuring full compliance of the finished products with the strictest quality criteria, including:
•    Making layouts for printing materials according to the technical standards and regulations required for a particular printing equipment;
•    Checking the existing  models(provided by the customer) for compliance with the required printing size and format;
•    Editing and retouching images as required;
•    Making the sample imprint  followed by the analysis of "color hit",  font acuity, details of the small parts of the picture.