Outdoor advertising / Large-format printing

Dear customers and partners of Print Art Plus LLC, we are pleased to inform you about the opening of our new branch that deals exclusively with 

Outdoor advertising as well as large-format printing! 

All the services of our center are provided on material and technical base of our own with no involvement of subcontractors and intermediaries.

We work only with proven manufacturers of consumables, thereby providing the market with favorable prices for our services.




Depending on your location we can offer completely different kinds and volumes of outdoor advertising and are ready for co-operation in Baku. It is possible for us to travel to the regions. 

We develop and produce outdoor advertising of varying difficulty level:

Signs made of materials such as: acrylic, plastic, metal, metal composite; 

with application of information from simple film pasting to sublimation or UV printing and engraving;

Letters — flat on spacers and three-dimensional; non-light and light (diodes, neon) of various sizes and modifications;

Signs and light boxes, the latter can be square, rectangular or complex in shape, with diode or neon illumination. Neon signs can be either open or closed;

Standers — arched or rectangular, large and small, with and without pockets for information;

Towers and pylons — the shape and dimensions are agreed you. 

The cost of manufacturing outdoor advertising is calculated individually taking into account the materials used, sizes of ordered products and their complexity.




Large-format printing is used for outdoor advertising and interior decoration: posters, banners, shop-window stickers, billposters. Practice shows that such kind of advertising attracts more attention. Large-format printing, unlike interior printing, is designed for perception from long distances. Therefore, up close large-format printing will not look so advantageous. 

The choice of material for large-format printing depends on the advertising medium, its dimensions and placing. 

In INTERIOR PRINTING (width 155 cm) most of the attention is paid to print quality.

Since this type of advertising is subjected to scrutiny of detail at close range, it is very important in such cases to provide the best print quality.


Materials for large-format and interior printing

Banner fabrics with white backing 

Banner fabrics with black backing

Banner grid 


Matt and glossy vinyl

Canvas and many others


Besides printing services we offer THE INSTALLATION OF GROMMETS



Additional but necessary services include the installation of advertising media on free-standing structures as well as on facades, windows and roofs of buildings.

Installation can be carried out from stairs and by using a tower if necessary. 

It is possible to assign a specialist for measurements at customer’s request.